Friday, August 14, 2009

Seriously? I think I made a mistake...

This past weekend while at the hubs softball games, 3.5hrs away mind you...I met a girl at the playground. We were both obviously annoyed and would rather be sitting in our chairs then watching our children playing on the structures, but here we were. She watched 3 boys run around and asked if all 3 were mine. Oh goodness no! Not because I wouldn't want 3 boys, but because the other child was not as cute as mine. :) I politely said no, and pointed out my two monkeys and shook a finger back behind me at the daughter. I think "politely" was my first mistake. That must have been the gateway answer and I must have given off some sort of vibe that I wanted to keep talking because I had to start answering more questions..their ages, how far apart, grades, where we were from, what I did for a living....all while listening to the exchange of answers from her. Politely nodding. My 2nd mistake..I asked her a couple questions.

Really? Was I that stupid? I thought I could make a break away because the hubs game was over and we might have been changing fields..he walked by missing my desperate look to come save me and he clearly didn't want to bother me and my new BFF. My attention focused back to her right when I got the dreaded question..."Do YOU have tupperware in YOUR HOME???" I should have lied..but lying doesn't come natural. So I began to listen to a sales pitch to become part of her team. You see. She is a Tupperw*are Consultant. Oh for the did I step into this mess? Oh yes, thats right. I was polite. Now, I have nothing against consultants. I think its great. I am glad somebody is doing it, because I love to attend parties and buy stuff. Me? Sell it? Not so much. She was a 2nd generation consultant. I congratulated her on her success, told her how wonderful it was she could set her own schedule and she makes so much that her husband is now a stay at home dad. (Its only taken her 14 years..but good for her.) She then started telling me how I should take photos at baseball games and sell the teams prints and how a friend of hers did that and she made so much money and ...and...and.

She said she would get in touch with her friend so she could give me some information...started to look for paper and 3rd mistake? I gave her my email. Thinking email is harmless enough, I can respond if I want to and why not talk to this fellow photographer...she proceeds to ask for my phone number because golly gee, she is going to be coming up North and wanted to ..oh I don't know..I started to panic because I don't give my number to strangers and this is the part where I blacked out and "auto me" took over because the lady now has my number. Her husbands game was over, our game was smallest child started to screech for a cup and I awkwardly said goodbye and scooted away as fast as I could. The hubs came over and wanted to know who it was I was chatting away with. I was able to give him her entire story and many details that one would not know on a first encounter and he had a good chuckle. (No would be surprised at EVERYTHING she told me in this short time) I believe his exact words were.."seriously?"

I kind of forgot about my new best friend..until I got an email 2 days later. Complete with start up information for new business and a catalog pdf. Nice. The next day? I got a phone call from my new friend and she wanted to know if this weekend would be good for me. You see- in her email she wanted me to see if I could get some friends together so she could show us a recipe and share some new products for a quick little demo. Seriously? A day after that (whats email etiquette on return responses anyway?) and politely declined her hope for our get together because I would be busy, but that I hoped she had a great weekend. Want to know my final mistake? I was polite again. Crap. I am sure this is not the last I will hear from her. But really? I live 3.5 hrs away. Does she really think this could work?

Isn't there a book out there called, She's just not that into you- Playground edition?


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